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Extra information
Server Updates:
Welcome to our server Random Roleplay. Our moto is "Roleplay at it's best" as our server provides the best possible Roleplay for players. In our server we have updates every 1-2 times a week and we would have a large up date every 2-3 weeks, so the server isn't just staying the way it is for months...

Our server will also do events one time every week, if there are enough players on, and there will be big prizes given to the winner. Put suggestions of what events you want us to do and what days you want us to do them on.

Server Staff:
Randomly Roleplay is filled the most professional staff that Garry's mod can offer to us and we only recruit the most professional staff that we can find as we really challenge them in applications and interviews. Obviously our server doesn't have many staff yet as we are a brand new server so if you feel that you are fit for the job then head over to the staff application section and make one.

Random Roleplay owners, Elite and Joel came to the decision to not add cars into the server as it would cause a lot of lag as the map is only small, so they also came to the idea of making a "Bike Dealer" which is where you can buy a tricycle, which are not very fast but they will get you to places fast than running. Add suggestions/feedback of what you want us to do.

Our server is filled with a lot of jobs. We picked out the best roles we though where appropriate for DarkRP and added them to our server. Every role has it's own "thing" in life to do, also non of our roles are just "useless" like you would see on other servers. We also filled a wage in the role that we thought was fit for it. Also just because you cannot do illegal stuff in your job to earn money there is always a way to get money, otherwise we wouldn't of added to role...

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