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DarkRP rules (MUST SEE)
DarkRP Rules:
General Rules: 
-This is a English server (No talking in a different language in chat/voice chat).
-Do not do anything to harm the server or exploit it.
-Respect everyone in-game (Player disrespect is not allowed).
-Do not prop climb, surf, block, push, trap or spam.
-Do not bodyblock anything (Door ways).
-No Roleplaying in spawn.
-Scamming is not allowed.
-Do not kill people for rule breaking reasons.
-Do not hack / use scripts (Bunny hopping for example).
-Use @ to contact an admin, not OOC or Advert (We class this as Meta-Gaming).
-Do not Meta-Game (Using a RP situation in OOC).
-Do not place money printers in unreachable places (On top of roofs for example).
-Do not kill someone for following you or something along this line, warn them 3 times in advert.
-When placing a hit on someone you must have a reason, and the hitman must ask you for the reason.
-No mic spamming/spamming chat.
-No LTAP/DTAP (Leaving to avoid punishment/Disconnecting to avoid punishment) This involves changing jobs too.
-No swearing in OOC, lets keep the OOC nice and calm.
-No combined adverts (Example - /advert Raid/Bank Raid/Mug 5k) However you can use simple ones like Raid/Assist.
-Base takeovers are not allowed on this server.
-Do not spam NPC's.
-You cannot disrupt admin sits, shoot at admin's on duty or disrespect staff.

RP Rules:
-No RDM (Random Death Match) - Killing someone for no RP reason, this involves damaging people too.
-No FearRP - Example: Someone has a gun pointed at you and mugs you and then you pull a gun out and kill them, always fear the gun like what you would do in RL.
-No FailRP - Failing to stick to your in-game roleplaying character.
-No breaking NLR - New life rule (The timer is 3 minutes on this server).
-No RDA (Random Arrest) Arresting someone without a valid RP reason.
-No FDA - Fading Door Abuse.
-No false warrants / random warrants.
-No building as a cop.
-No building as a hobo, you are homeless...
-Only the bank manager can build in the bank.
-You cannot own more than one base, if you own a base you must use it.
-You cannot self-supply. (Giving yourself guns as a gun dealer, you can only supply yourself with a pistol at max).
-You cannot build in the Police Department, only mayors can do so.
-You must advert steal to steal something of someone.
-No blocking of tunnels/road - ways etc.
-No building on the road even if you are a hobo.
-Terrorists that have weapons out are automatically K.O.S.
-If you are out numbered by people with guns and you have a gun out then put it away and listen to what they say (Classed as FearRP if you don't).

Building Rules:
-You can only own one base at a time.
-You must have atleast one entrance/exit to your base.
-You can only have 4 fading doors in your base (You can have another 2 fading doors for entities, you cannot have defences on them though).
-All members of your base MUST own atleast the front door (If not they have to advert counter if you are being raided).
-You cannot make props completely invisible.
-You cannot have all black props so that people cannot see.
-No abusing world glow.
-You must own all doors in your base.
-Keypads must be easily visible/accessable.
-You cannot RP when you have a building sign up, you must remove your building sign when finished building.
-Do not go near a base that has a building sign.
-Your keypad must have a 5 seconds hold length atleast.
-If you have a window fading door, your keypad must have a 10 second hold length atleast.
-You cannot have a crouch base.
-Your base cannot be 'unraidable' A staff member will make a decision of which your base i allowed/not allowed.
-Your base fading doors must be able to fit atleast 2 players in length.
-You can have sky bases but they must be on a platform so they are not just floating (Realism).
-No one way prop shooting.
-You can build of roof tops but you must own all of the doors of the doors of the roof top.

Government Rules:
-As a government member you cannot own a base.
-You cannot own any entities as a government member.
-You must have a valid RP reason to arrest someone.
-Do not arrest someone because they have broken a server rule.
-You must look after the mayor as a Cop, do everything he says, as long as it is legal.
-As mayor, you must actually do something for the city (Host public announcements on what is going on with the city etc).
-You cannot be a corrupt cop.
-You cannot put anything inappropriate in the city laws.
-You cannot kill/arrest any other government member.
-If someone resists arrest you can kill them as long as you warn them verbally.
-Do not randomly hit people with your stun stick (stun stick abuse).
-When the bank/PD is being raided there is no NLR timer for cops if they die.

Cooldown Rules:
-Raid cooldown - 10 minutes / 15 minutes for the same person.
-Mugging cooldown - 5 minutes / 10 minutes for the same person.
-Bank/PD cooldown - 20 minutes.
-Steal - 5 minutes.
-Kidnap - 10 minutes / 15 minutes for the same person.
-Terror cooldown - 20 minutes / 10 minutes if someone done it before you.
-Warning a player verbally - 10 seconds each warning. 

Owner: Elite
Co-Owner: Joel

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