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Staff Rules
Staff Rules:

1. You must follow the server rules as a staff member.

2. You may not use your given powers of duty unless you are "chief of staff" or above. - You can only do sit of duty if you are the only staff online and your RP'ing.

3. You must not disrespect anyone in the server.

4. You must be active (you will get informed how active).

5. You must be on duty enough (No roleplaying all of the time).

6. There must be at least one SOD (Staff On Duty) for every 10 players online. - You must go on duty if there isn't.

7. You must !god when on duty.

8. You must not noclip through people's bases when on duty.

9. You must listen to higher up's orders (Only relevant order's to do with the server).

10. Do not tell any private information about staff given to you to anyone else who isn't staff!

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